Kingdom Grand Prix
Image: Raizing

The Saturn is home to some amazing shooters, one of which is Kingdom Grand Prix (known as Shippuu Mahou Daisakusen Kingdom-Grandprix in Japan), a unique title which mixes shmup action with a racing theme.

Developed for arcades in 1994 by Raizing, the game would be ported to Sega Saturn in 1996 by GAGA Communications – and like so many of the console's best 2D games, it never got released in the West.

It seems that a Western release may have been considered, as Saturn translator Malenko has discovered that the Japanese version actually contains a full English language option – but it's not accessible without some additional legwork.

Working with @memory_fallen, Malenko has created a patch that not only enables the English option, but also unlocks the game's Shooting Mode option, which normally requires a cheat code to activate. Malenko has also created another patch which cleans up the notoriously bad 'Engrish' in the introduction sequence.

The patches are currently exclusive to Patreons of Sega Saturn Shiro, but will be available to everyone next week.