Shrek Babies
Image: Dreamworks Animation

An early proposal for WayForward Technologies' 2007 Nintendo DS game Shrek: Ogres & Dronkeys has appeared on, as spotted by Necrosoft Games director Brandon Sheffield.

So if you've ever felt like learning more about the Shantae developers' bizarre child-rearing sim and mini-game collection based on Dreamworks' Shrek series from the late 2000s (which we're sure you do), now seems like the perfect opportunity to do so.

The document is nine pages long in total and features some scrapped ideas for the handheld game (then called Shrek Kids), such as the ability to raise four baby types (including a gingerbread baby and kitten in boots) and suggestions for unused locations like Merlin's Laboratory and Gepetto's Workshop.

It is addressed from the game's publisher Activision to Dreamworks Animation and also includes a bunch of handwritten notes and changes from the latter regarding the potential direction for the project.

These annotations give a glimpse into some of the dos and don'ts Dreamworks Animation had for the family title, with ground rules including "no eating gingerbread people", no "wall tagging", and no including anything that could be deemed "too dangerous" or too "dark".

If you want to see more, you can view the full document here.

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