Alien Resurrection
Image: 20th Century Fox

No matter how many years pass between the release of a game, there's always a chance that some new information might be revealed – and that's precisely what has happened in the case of Argonaut's 2000 PlayStation release, Alien Resurrection.

Based on the 1997 movie of the same name (its release was delayed a bit, as you can see), Alien Resurrection is an FPS title which came at the close of the console's lifespan. Argonaut had previously worked on the likes of Star Fox and Starglider, so it should come as little surprise to learn that the game pushed the 32-bit hardware quite hard – however, it was also doing some other unexpecting things, as has been revealed by former Argonaut staffer Martin Piper.

Piper worked as a programmer on Alien Resurrection and has revealed that the game contains a hidden cheat mode that allows you to play bootleg games on your PlayStation without the need for an internal mod chip.

Modern Vintage Gamer outlines the process in the video below, but it's fair to say this isn't a straightforward process – it requires you to enter multiple complex cheat menus, and then you have to make sure you're holding the right buttons before booting up your CDR. It also requires you to use a piece of card to keep the console's lid sensor open.

It's amazing that this secret has been hidden for 23 years – what will we discover next?