Given the massive popularity of Castlevania, it's not all that surprising that we've seen a lot of fan-made games based on the series – and we've got another to add to the growing list in the shape of Mighty Castle Adventure (thanks, Indie Retro News).

Developer Yogtze has actually been working on this Castlevania game for the Amstrad CPC for quite some time, but a new video – recorded by Joseph Antony (AKA: XeNoMoRPH) during the Benediction Coding Party #3 – has revealed just how far progress has come.

The demo is looking very promising, even at this early stage, and showcases some lovely visuals and great music. It's also borrowing elements quite neatly from the Castlevania series, including those iconic skeleton sprites. Some of the visuals are a little fruity, but that only adds to the charm, if you ask us.

Yogtze has confirmed on their Twitter account that the game will be playable on all CPC systems:

Let us know if you're keen to play the final game by posting a comment below.