Krazy Ivan Advertisment
Image: Reddit

The soundtrack to Psygnosis PS1 classic Krazy Ivan is getting released 27 years after the game hit store shelves.

Composer Tim Wright – also known as CoLD SToRAGE – made the announcement on social media, confirming that the 10-track album would feature an unused song called Très Bien. Famous for his work on the WipEout series, Wright created the soundtrack alongside Mike Clarke.

Krazy Ivan, in case you didn't know, is a first-person mecha action title that places you in a giant robot's cockpit. The 'Ivan' of the title is Russian soldier Ivan Popovich, the protagonist.

The game hit the PlayStation in Europe in January 1996, coming to North America on 15th February. The Japanese release took place in October of the same year. Krazy Ivan was also released on the Sega Saturn and Windows in 1996.

The game was notable for its high-quality FMV, which skillfully combined live-action footage with CGI. Ivan was played by Robin Hellier, but the most famous face in the cast was Sara Stockbridge, who had starring roles in Blur's 'Country House' music video and has also appeared in movies such as Bridget Jones's Diary and Carry on Columbus.

However, Krazy Ivan came under fire at the time for its simplistic gameplay, with almost all of the boss robots being easily beaten using the same 'strafe and fire' technique.