Sonic Adventure DX
Image: Sega

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to play Sonic Adventure DX with a group of friends, then we have some great news for you!

A new multiplayer mod was just released recently for the PC version of DX, as announced by one of the mod's developers ConanKell over on Twitter. This mod lets up to four players experience the game together in local or online co-op (via a remote play service for now), with multi-camera support enabling each person to be able to follow and keep track of their own character as they play.

The ambitious project is the work of ConanKell, and another Sonic modder named Sora_YX, who have gone through the game to rewrite hundreds of objects and systems in order to function with multiple characters active on screen. It is even compatible with a bunch of other popular Sonic Adventure DX mods too, including the Dreamcast Conversion mod, which changes the port to be more like the original Dreamcast version of the game.

Some of the features of the mod currently listed on the GameBanana page include:

  • Co-op and battle mode trial stages (up to 4 players)
  • Split screen with multiple camera support
  • Multiple character support with sounds
  • Support for fishing, hunting, shooting, and other systems
  • And hundreds of objects rewritten for multiplayer support

A bunch of other features are also planned for the future including an update to netplay, multiplayer for adventure mode, and weld support, among other things.

If you want to try the mod, you can grab it either on GitHub or GameBanana. You'll need the SADX Mod Loader to install it. You'll find instructions on the installation process here.