Image: ID Software

Prior to Doom's release on the Sega 32X in 1994, there was a lot of hype surrounding the port, but it ultimately ended up being rushed to market and lacked many of the maps and features that players were already familiar with from the PC version of the game.

Because of this, a group of developers calling themselves D32XRTeam have been hard at work ever since 2020 on an impressive fan hack of the game named "32X Resurrection", which completely replaces its engine, while adding various performance improvements and restoring cut features.

The hack was originally released back in 2021 but hit an incredible milestone recently on August 19th with one of its developers Victor Luchitz announcing the launch of version 3.0 of the patch (as spotted by RetroRGB).

This version adds plenty more improvements to the game, including the addition of the iconic screen melting effect for scenes changes, the introduction of the Cyberdemon and SpiderMasterMind bosses along with their respective maps (which were missing from the original), a new sound driver that uses the Sega CD hardware to offload sound mixing from the 32X for a performance boost, and MIP-mapping for walls and flats.

There are also a bunch of other bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements too, with all of them helping to bring Doom for the 32X up to snuff.

If you want to grab the ROM, you can get it now from

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