MemCard Pro2
Image: 8BitMods

We recently reviewed the 8BitMods MemCard Pro for the GameCube and came away very impressed indeed, so it's great to hear that the company is about to release a new variant that works on both PlayStation and PlayStation 2 (thanks, RetroRGB).

8BitMods had previously released the original MemCard Pro for the PS One, but this new offering has the ability to work on both first and second-gen PlayStation consoles. This means you can effectively have one card for all of your save data across both consoles.

If you're unaware, these MemCard Pro devices use MicroSD cards to offer what is essential unlimited storage. You also get a cool OLED screen, too – as well as other features like WiFi support and options which work in conjunction with ODEs and homebrew applications – such as GameID, which uses the card's screen to show the title you're currently playing.

There are also plans to grant cloud access via these cards, so you can keep your precious save data well and truly safe from threats like theft or hardware failure.

The MemCard PRO2 sells for around £40 and is available in Smoke Black and Charcoal Black. It's expected to launch around December this year.

The company has also reduced the price of the original MemCard Pro to reflect the impending launch of this new model.

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