Optimus Prime PlayStation
Image: @emgo316

We've seen some cool crossovers involving video games and toys of late. Lego recently released a cool NES set you could build, and it has also produced a range of Super Mario sets for fans to play with.

Now, Hasbro – which owns the rights to the Transformers franchise, as well as many other famous properties – has expressed interest in working with a video game company to create similar collaborations.

Speaking with Transformers World, a Hasbro rep was quizzed about potential crossovers, and replied with the following:

It’s interesting, collabs continue to grow, and companies are approaching us, so everything is always on the table. We definitely want to partner with video game companies, clearly Nintendo partnered with Lego and they made a Nintendo system, or there was the Super Nintendo Transformer at one point in Japan, like we would love to be able to do something along those lines. Any company out there, like I don’t know, a partnership with Sega, a partnership with Microsoft or something, Sony – even just to make a Playstation, would be awesome.

The Japanese products mentioned are an Optimus Prime PlayStation and Megatron Mega Drive (we don't believe there was a SNES Transformer, but we might be wrong), both of which were manufactured in 2014 by TakaraTomy, the company which has long worked with Hasbro to produce Transformers toys both internationally and for the Japanese market. Neither was released outside of Japan.

TakaraTomy has also produced Transformers toys based on Capcom's Street Fighter series in the past.

While the idea of a Super Nintendo transformer is already pretty amazing, the Hasbro rep was also asked about the potential of a "Transformers Pokémon" which would get "a whole new group of fans collecting."

They replied: "Ah, the dream, yeah."

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