Image: Piko Interactive

The retro publisher Piko Interactive announced yesterday that it had released a cancelled motocross game for the Super Nintendo, almost thirty years after the title was originally abandoned.

Moto-X is an Excitebike-like title for the SNES and is currently available to purchase from Piko Interactive's site for $54.99. As originally revealed in a Games That Weren't article published in 2023, the game was in development at Software Creations over a period of 8 months and was being made for the publisher Trimark Interactive (a subdivision of Trimark Pictures).

It was intended to be the first game released after Ste Ruddy had set up Software Creations' new American division, but Trimark eventually lost interest in console games, deciding to put their focus on publishing interactive movies instead (such as National Lampoon's Blind Date). Software Creations was paid for its work on the title, but the game was ultimately canned, with Games That Weren't eventually managing to unearth some screenshots and a video of the title that featured some heavy metal tracks from the audio maestro Geoff Follin.

Here's a description of the title from the game's store page:

"On your marks, get set, go!

The most extreme motocross competition has started. Six pilots compete but only one can reach the glory! Compete against powerful motorcycles of 250cc, 550cc, and 750cc in different tracks full of obstacles, against the best pilots, where everything goes. But where only your skills are going to be enough to win. Throughout the race you will find items that will give you power ups to help you beat your opponents. [...] Compete against your friends in the frenetic 2 player mode (split screen) and discover once and for all who is the best Moto X racer among you."

We should mention that Moto-X wasn't the only announcement that Piko Interactive made yesterday, with the publisher also revealing a bunch of other releases for classic hardware including the following:

So, if Moto-X isn't necessarily your scene, there's probably another game that will be well up your street! Are you going to be picking up any of these new releases? Let us know in the comments!

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