Star Wars
Image: Atari / Disney

Atari's wireframe coin-op adaptation of Star Wars has to rank as one of the most memorable arcade releases of the 1980s and is a good example of a Hollywood movie getting a brilliant video game.

If you're a fan of the game then you'll be pleased to learn that it's currently being ported to the Analogue Pocket as an OpenFPGA core. UltraFP64 is the individual doing the hard work in this case, and the finished core is apparently a few weeks from release.

"The Star Wars Arcade 1983 has three boards. The vector board, sound and the CPU with maths logic," says UltraFP64. "I have completed the sound and CPU/math boards using TTL logic like the original boards from schematics. The vector side I've made a full frame buffer using the MPU I've been using in my other cores to draw the vector line and will use a decay system in the memory controller to write back the decaded colours. Just finishing off the vector side now. I hope in the next few weeks to release."

Let us know if you're excited about playing this coin-op classic on your Pocket by posting a comment.