Space Quest 3D
Image: TurboChimp

In case you needed an excuse to revisit Sierra On-Line's Space Quest III, we've got the perfect thing. Recently a group of fan developers has remade the classic 1989 graphic adventure, giving the game a full 3D makeover complete with voice acting.

Space Quest 3D (as the project is called) is the work of Australian company TurboChimp, who previously released the sci-fi action comedy adventure Mercury Blue. It features voice acting from the actor Mike Holmes, as well as a redone soundtrack from the Space Quest YouTuber Space Quest Historian and J.P. Sapsford.

If you've never had the opportunity to check out Space Quest before, it is a series of games following the exploits of janitor Roger Wilco who repeatedly ends up in increasingly dangerous and potentially universe-saving situations.

The first game was released back in 1986 and was ported across a number of early home computers. It later went on to spawn five sequels as well as a spiritual successor named SpaceVenture from its lead designers Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy (AKA the "Two Guys From Andromeda").

Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon — the third game in the series — sees Wilco facing off against an evil corporation named Scumsoft, and its disreputable CEO Elmo Pug, who has kidnapped a fictional version of the Two Guys From Andromeda and are forcing them to make terrible games. The intergalactic garbageman must this time put a stop to the company's evil plans, using his wits and whatever he can pick up to best the video game company.

If you want to check out the remake, you can download it now for free from

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