Image: Two Guys From Andromeda

Back in 2012, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, the brains behind Sierra's Space Quest adventure series, took to Kickstarter to raise funds for a spiritual successor, SpaceVenture.

At the time, the project successfully passed its funding goal, raising over $522,000 towards the budget for the game. But in the ten years since, it has undergone a ton of delays from the original 2013 delivery date, due to a series of development errors and behind-the-scenes problems.

Now, in a recent Kickstarter update, it appears the game is finally ready to go out to its backers, with some small caveats.

The game will still be released on all the promised platforms, but the team is aiming to get the Windows version out first to avoid further delays. This will arrive next month on Friday 16th September via email. After that, they then hope to roll out versions for Macintosh, Linux, iOS, iPad, and Android, as well as a wider commercial release on Steam.

SpaceVenture 2
Image: Two Guys From Andromeda

As for Physical backer rewards, they will arrive at a later date and will likely be the subject of a future Kickstarter update.

Here's a description of the game from its Kickstarter:

SpaceVenture is a sci-fi comedy adventure game that combines interplanetary exploration, puzzle-solving, and space travel- not to mention “pant loads” of pop culture satire and some good, clean “potty” humor.

When the spaceport “facilities” are backed up and stuff’s about to hit the fan...When someone’s darling little spawn tries to flush their pet Narblitz down the john...When your life support ducts are in need of , support...It's time to call in a professional!

Enter Ace Hardway - plumber to the stars. An intergalactic Mr. Fix-it armed with his trusty wrench, duct tape, and an impressive ‘norge’, Ace fearlessly plunges into adventure, rooting-out trouble wherever he smells it. Yeah... unclogging wormholes is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

Did you back SpaceVenture in 2012? How do you feel about this most recent announcement?