A new game jam is kicking off today where developers will be making N64 homebrew games, with the goal of raising money for charity.

N64brew Summer Game Jam came to our attention earlier this week and is being organized by the folks behind 2022's Spooky Game Jam. It will last until August 21st, with the winner being announced on August 30th (subject to delays). Entrants are encouraged to donate to a pot, with the overall winner being able to decide which charity they want the money to go toward.

According to the description on the itch.io page, you don't have to be a programmer in order to take part, with 2D/3D artists and musicians also being encouraged to get involved. Submissions are required to run on real hardware, with the N64Brew Discord having a channel where you can ask others to test your ROMs (should you not have a flash cart at hand). There are also a ton of resources for getting started and an active community ready to answer your N64-related questions.

The organizers announced the jam with a short 1-minute video featuring Paper Mario, Ayumi Stewart from Wave Race 64, and Berri from Conker's Bad Fur Day. This video also revealed the Summer theme of the event and can be viewed on an N64 if you have a flash cart spare.

You can find more information here on how to enter.

[source itch.io]