Triggerheart Exelica
Image: Warashi

Warashi's Triggerheart Exelica was one of the final games for the Sega Dreamcast, hitting Japanese stores in 2007 – six years after Sega had announced it was exiting the domestic hardware business to focus on third-party publishing.

Despite this, it became something of a cult classic, seeing releases on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 2. Only the XBLA version got a global release, however – which means Triggerheart Exelica has been relegated to the status of an 'obscure classic'.

It looks as if that's all about to change, however, as Japanese company Cosmo Machia has acquired the rights to the game and is looking to resurrect Triggerheart Exelica on an international scale. According to Gematsu, Cosmo Machia wants to make the shmup known to players "worldwide", and for regions where commercial products are not viable, seek licencing partners to raise awareness of the game.

It has not been announced what products we can expect to see based on Triggerheart Exelica, but Cosmo Machia says these details will be forthcoming at a later date.