Analogue Pocket
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Hardware maker Analogue has just released a raft of updates for its range of FPGA-based games consoles.

The Analogue Pocket is getting OS updates for both the main console and its dock, while firmware updates are now available for Super Nt (SNES), Mega Sg (Mega Drive / Genesis) and Nt Mini Noir (NES) systems.

The Pocket update includes refinements for 'original display modes' and updates to the OpenFPGA platform, while "all known bugs" have been fixed in the other systems.

Analogue Pocket OS Update


  • Improved Original Display Modes — New "Original GBC" and "Original GBC+" modes, and new "Original GBA" mode
  • Fixed softlock after upgrading when Boot to Cartridge was selected
  • Fixed Library bug where enabling Force GB/GBC option would cause a game’s Library entry to be erroneously created/deleted
  • Fixed Library bug causing improper scrolling in some cases
  • Save States list now shows states only for the currently running game


  • Fixed UI issue when Boot to openFPGA was selected
  • Fixed possible crash when selecting 'All' category


  • Added new commands [0190 Get filename of data slot] and [0192 Open new file into data slot] for cores to open additional files
  • Improved servicing latency of Target commands
  • Improved performance of [0180 Data slot read] and [0184 Data slot write], especially on FAT32


  • Improved 2.4G controller poll rate
  • Improved Bluetooth pairing and connection
  • Added support for Google Stadia controllers (with Bluetooth firmware)
  • Added support for Limited range RGB output over HDMI
  • Added alternate Analogue button support for all controllers with Down+Select - hold Select first. Save State with Up+Select - hold Up first. Load State with Down+Select - hold Down first.
  • Added mapping for M30's Z/C buttons over wired USB
  • Fixed menu glitch when forgetting a controller
  • Added LED notification if Dock’s power source or cable is incompatible

Super Nt

  • Fixed screen tearing when using fully buffer mode.
  • Fixed spaces in menus so they are highlighted now for consistency.
  • Fixed Game Genie: turn on "launch system timing" in hardware menu.
  • Fixed Hori SGB Commander issue.
  • Fixed R-type 3/Super R-type issue.
  • Fixed Wing Commander drum sound.
  • Fixed Romancing SaGa 3 battle sound.
  • Fixed Final Fantasy 2/4 final boss sound.
  • Fixed Chrono Trigger final boss sound.
  • Fixed Harukanaru Augusta 3 graphics issue.
  • Fixed Power Soukoban graphics issue.
  • Fixed Mega Lo Mania shield graphic.
  • Fixed save-game loading for Slayers.
  • Fixed 72hr Kaizo audio bug - enable SPC RAM startup state in the hardware menu.

Mega Sg

  • Many accuracy improvements to increase compatibility with the various Sega CD units and 32x.
  • Fixed bus timing issue after certain writes - this affected Virtua Racing in some situations.
  • Fixed RESET instruction's output so reset is only asserted during the instruction.
  • Fixed SMS IRQ Hcount test.
  • Fixed spaces in menus so they are now highlighted.
  • Fixed turning off auto region detection resulting in games not restarting after a reset.
  • Fixed Cheat codes and controller passthrough so they work if C button is used instead of B button to back out of menus.
  • Fixed screen tearing on SMS.
  • Fixed CRAM dots on Sonic 3 water areas.
  • Fixed audio in Outrun - SMS PSG/FM enable flags added.
  • Fixed sound corruption in Titan Mega Demo after running Bad Apple (and other conditions).
  • Fixed Tiny Toon Adventures silent audio on title screen.
  • Fixed Metal Blast 2277 music speed issue.
  • Fixed Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon bottom row of glitchy pixels.
  • Fixed Desert Strike SMS crash on pause.
  • Fixed Demons of Asteborg cartridge issue.
  • Added support for Columbus Circle games (16 Bit Rhythm Land, etc).
  • Added support for XE-1AP analog controller.

Nt Mini Noir

  • Fixed Battletoads crashing on level 2
  • Fixed Bonk's Adventure boss fight floor shaking
  • Fixed Crystalis/God Slayer's not starting/getting stuck
  • Fixed Famicom Disk System dejitter setting compatibility issue (Not compatible with Zero Delay)
  • Fixed Flintstones: Rescue of Dino & Hoppy jumping title screen and status bar
  • Fixed Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak jumping status bar
  • Fixed G.I. Joe cartridge crashing
  • Fixed Little Nemo cartridge freezing
  • Fixed Mega Man V robot screen jumping
  • Fixed Micro Mages graphical & audio glitches with cartridge
  • Fixed Mighty Final Fight freezing
  • Fixed Shadow of the Ninja freeze on opening cutscene
  • Fixed Summer Carnival '92: Recca jumpy status bar
  • Fixed Vertical Green Lines in games using CHR-RAM (Castlevania, Legend of Zelda, Mega Man 1 & 2, Rygar, many others)
  • Fixed Vice: Project Doom 2nd stage status bar jumping
  • Fixed Crystalis freezing when a controller is inserted into port 2
  • Fixed Paperboy Player 2 control input
  • Fixed Micro Mages 3-4 player control input
  • Added headphone Jack L/R Swap to Audio - Headphones (note will swap RCA jacks to opposite of their labeling)
  • Microphone sensitivity setting is now reversed - 0 is minimum intensity, 63 is maximum intensity. Default setting is tuned for most games supping the microphone.
  • NSF Audio Levels & Panning settings are now separate from cartridge settings