X-Men vs Street Fighter
Image: Capcom

Analogue Pocket OpenFPGA development has slowed ever so slightly in recent months, but that's only because it was moving at a breakneck pace prior to that.

One of the more recent developments is the addition of Capcom CPS-2 titles. Jotego, the developer behind this project, has now stated that the entire CPS-2 library will soon be playable on the handheld:

CPS-2 was Capcom's arcade-based successor to its popular CPS-1 system, and was home to titles like Super Street Fighter II, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Aliens vs Predator, Marvel vs. Capcom and Progear. You'll need to be subscribed to Jotego's Patreon to gain access to these cores.

Have you been trying out CPS-2 games on your Pocket? Let us know with a comment below.

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