Mitchell Corp might not be a household name in the same way as Konami, Capcom or Taito, but the company has been behind some genuine classics from the past few decades.

We still feel that Puzz Loop is one of the best puzzle titles ever made (it was famously cloned by PopCap Games as Zuma), and Pang is an arcade gem that perhaps doesn't get talked about enough these days.

Outside of these releases, Mitchell Corp also produced 2002's Gamshara ("Daredevil") for arcades. Playing a little like Wild Guns, NAM 1975 and Dynamite Duke, it's a shooting game where you control both your crosshair and your character, so you need to make sure you keep them out of harm's way while you're taking down the bad guys.

Sporting a pre-rendered look which has predictably dated in the past two decades, Gamshara is nonetheless a whole bunch of fun – and it has only just become playable in MAME. Taking into account that Mitchell's amazing Osman / Cannon Dancer recently got a domestic release many years after its original arcade launch, perhaps there's a chance that Gamshara will get the same treatment?