StreetStep 21st Century Basketball
Image: Melko Game Club

Melko Game Club, the developer and publisher behind World Fighting Soccer '22, released its latest title earliest this week and it's another fun, arcade twist on a popular sport.

StreetStep: 21st Century Basketball is a 3-on-3 basketball game that lets you play locally with friends or against the computer. There are three different modes to select from — Versus, Training, and Arcade — with the last of these focusing on climbing up the bracket to become the best in the country.

You can choose to play as one of eight different teams, all of which are named after North American states, with each of these possessing its own unique mix of strengths and weaknesses. These are based on the player's speed, the ability to dunk, the accuracy of long-range shots, and how well you can guard the net. You can also unlock new team abilities by competing in matches in the arcade.

The action is all presented from a gorgeous 2.5D perspective with fantastic pixel art, outlandish effects, and some slick UI. The game currently costs £7.65 as part of an introductory offer on Steam, which ends April 26th. You can watch the trailer below: