The Spirit of Speed
Image: Broadsword Interactive

Dreamcast super fan and preservationist Comby Laurent announced earlier this week that they had got permission to share a wealth of development materials from the defunct UK studio Broadsword Interactive publicly. This includes a ton of concept art, documents, assets, and dev tools for the Dreamcast and PC racing game Spirit of Speed 1937.

Laurent announced in December of last year that this archive had been privately preserved, but that they couldn't share the materials publicly. Now, though, they've made it available for the first time ever after managing to get written permission from the rights holder and Broadsword Interactive co-founder John Jones-Steele.

According to Laurent, 90% of the archive is related to the Spirit of Speed 1937 Dreamcast and PC game, but there's also material within for the unreleased Spirit of Speed 2002 for Windows, the action title MoHo (Dreamcast/PS1/PC), and a bunch of Pocket PC games (such as an unreleased Populous port).

If you want a deeper look at the development of Spirit of Speed 1937 or the archive itself, we recommend checking out the original post on Laurent's website. There you'll find a wealth of amazing artwork for the racing game as well as milestone documents, design documents, and more.

Did you play Spirit of Speed back in the day? What did you make of it? Let us know below!

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