PS Vita
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

There's some good news for fans of the PlayStation Vita! An Android port of the PlayStation Vita emulator Vita3K will be released this Sunday, February 12 at 11 am UTC+1. This was revealed in a recent post from the developer Macdu in the project's Discord (as spotted by Android Authority).

In addition to revealing the release date, Macdu's post also announced the minimum requirements, stating that players will need an ARM64 device with Vulkan 1.0 support that runs Android 7+.

Something worth noting is that Vita3K is still an experimental emulator, so players shouldn't be surprised at this point if it crashes when trying out a few games. Especially if you're running some of the more demanding 3D titles on a device that only meets these minimum requirements. The emulator, however, will only improve over time, which is exciting news for fans of the handheld's library of games.

Vita3K, for instance, currently supports around 400 playable games, including fantastic titles like TxK and Persona 4 Golden.

According to the post, the emulator won't be open-source for a while yet, with the APK file and future updates being posted exclusively on the Vita 3K Discord channel. In other words, don't be expecting a Play Store release anytime soon. You can find out more on the Vita 3K Discord.

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