Lunar Silver Star Story
Image: Game Arts

The mobile company SoMoGa has released its first update to the iOS remake of the classic RPG Lunar Silver Star Story in four years (as spotted by the mobile experts over at Pocket Gamer).

The update brings with it a number of graphical and audio improvements, such as an increase to 60FPS, revamped widescreen support, and higher-quality sound. That's in addition to gameplay changes including the introduction of a retro UI mode and two new enemy difficulty settings approximating the Japanese Sega Saturn and US PS1 releases.

Here you can find a full list of the changes:

  • The game now renders at 60fps across all compatible devices
  • Color mixing effects have been properly implemented
  • Line rasterization effects (most of which only worked on Saturn) have been reimplemented
  • Widescreen support has been revamped to support a diverse range of devices
  • Audio quality is now higher
  • You can now choose between the Saturn and PSP music tracks
  • The volume of BGM, SFX, Voices, and Movies can be separately adjusted.
  • Some newer bluetooth controllers are now supported
  • Settings are now in-game rather than in the settings app
  • Map exploration and battles can be sped up
  • Touch controls can be hidden for those playing with controllers
  • New retro UI mode added for those using external controllers
  • Enemy difficulty can be adjusted with two levels implemented based on the Japanese Sega Saturn and US PS1 release
  • iCloud integration has been rewritten

Originally debuting in 1992 for the Sega CD, Lunar Silver Star Story has had somewhat of a confusing release history that bears some explanation. In 1996, it received an enhanced remake for the Sega Saturn under the title Lunar Silver Star Story Complete, with a port for the PlayStation 1 following in 1998. Three other remakes have also been released in the decades since, including Lunar Legend for the Game Boy Advance, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony for PSP, and the aforementioned Lunar Silver Star Story Touch for iOS, with the mobile version of the game being an amalgam of these Saturn, PS1 and PSP ports.

If you've ever wanted to check the mobile version out, now is probably the best time to give it a shot. It's currently on the app store for £8.99/$9.99.

Does this make you want to jump into Lunar Silver Star Story Touch? Let us know in the comments!