F-Zero widescreen
Image: Retro Ash

You've got to love the world of retro game emulation. Not only has it given us stuff like save states, the ability to rewind games and other welcome hacks, but it also allows enthusiastic bedroom programmers to tailor old games to suit the benefits of modern hardware.

If you need an example, then check out the original F-Zero from 1990 running on a modern-day widescreen monitor:

Widescreen support has been part of the emulation scene in recent years, and while (in some cases) it breaks games to the point where they're no longer enjoyable, in F-Zero's case, the hack works better than you might imagine.

Sure, it makes things a little easier (you can see corners coming up earlier, for example), but it also makes it feel like an entirely fresh experience. We'd love to see Nintendo come up with official upgrades for titles like this, as unlikely as that may be.

What games do you think would work best with widescreen support? Let us know with a comment.