Retro Gadgets
Image: Evil Licorice

Yesterday, Evil Licorice, a new studio from the developers behind Kingdom and Super Cane Magic ZERO, announced its upcoming video game, 'Retro Gadgets'.

This game is all about making your own devices, doo-dahs, and wotsits, letting you build, solder, code, customize, and play with your inventions. As for the types of things that you can invent, it apparently includes video game consoles, weather machines, lightboards, radios, drum machines, and pretty much anything else you can think of within reason. As a result, we're pretty excited to see what both ourselves and players will be able to create once the game is out in Early Access.

What has impressed us about the announcement video that's out is just how tactile and intricate everything seems. At the workbench, you're able to slide, pull, and press your inventions, as well as take them apart for a closer look. You can even save and archive your best creations too, and download what other people have made to prod about.

Currently, there is no concrete release date for when it will land on Steam Early Access, with the developers targeting Q4 2022 at the moment. Right now, though, you can wishlist the game over on Steam or check out the announcement trailer below!

What would be the first thing you'd want to make? Let us know in the comments!