Image: MVG

Modern Vintage Gamer is someone who isn't a stranger to emulation, but in a recent video, he featured something a little bit different: a PlayStation 2 Portable device running on real hardware.

The device was ordered off Ali Express - a website where you can find all manner of portable consoles - and manages to cram the PlayStation circuitry into a thick 3D printed shell modeled after the PlayStation Vita.

According to Modern Vintage Gamer, the device wasn't exactly cheap, costing him just under $500 with shipping and delivery costs included, but as he goes on to say in the video, this would be about the same price you would pay someone if you commissioned them to make a portable handheld in a similar fashion.

In the video, Modern Vintage Gamer gives us a tour of the device and its features, including showing off the console's strange two-power button setup and highlighting its 7-inch IPS panel display, which has the option of displaying in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios.

He also shows us how to load games onto the device, given its lack of a DVD drive. To do this, he explains that you need to load into Free McBoot, which is a method of running homebrew applications directly from a memory card, and then access the Open PS2 Loader tool, to install your games as ISO files on a USB stick. You will then be able to plug your USB stick in and play through your games of choice.

According to Modern Vintage Gamer, these games play exactly as you would expect them to, with some minor stuttering due to using the older 1.1 USB transfer protocol. If you want to stump up the cash for one of these devices, you can head over to Ali Express and check it out for yourself. It's available in several colors, including white, red, silver, black, and apple green.

What do you make of this device? Is it something you think justifies the high cost? Comment and let us know!

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