Actua Soccer 2
Image: Gremlin Interactive

In July, we covered Pixel Games UK as it dumped a bunch of classic ZX Spectrum games onto Steam, and it now seems like the publisher isn't through yet.

As spotted by Eurogamer's Tom Phillips, the company has started scheduling some of Gremlin Interactive's Actua sports games to be sold on Steam. This includes Actua Soccer 2, which will be released on October 10th and Actua Tennis, which comes out on October 12th. In other words, if you want to run around the field as a crude 3D representation of Alan Shearer, then you won't have too long to wait!

According to the description on Steam, both games will introduce the following features:

  • Saving/loading the game at any point
  • Support for most modern game controllers
  • Full control remapping
  • And image scaling and smoothing options

These are pretty much the extent of the additions you'll find in most releases from Pixel Games UK, so don't expect anything too flashy here.

Nevertheless, depending on the cost, it might be another solution if you don't fancy going through eBay or other resellers like CEX. It's just left us scratching our heads over 'Why now?' And what does the licensing even look like to release a game like this all these years later.

Did you play Actua Soccer 2 back in the day? Let us know your memories in the comments!