XIII Remake 'Remake'
Image: Microids

It's safe to say when XIII came out on November 20th, 2020, fans and critics were more than a little disappointed. The game, which was a remake of the first-person shooter released for consoles in 2003, received mostly negative reviews upon release, with critics highlighting the huge variety of bugs and annoying downgrades from the original.

Nevertheless, it seems its publisher, Microids, hasn't given up on it yet, revealing a brand-new trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. This version isn't being worked on by the remake's original developer PlayMagic, but by another company called Tower Five, who previously made Lornsword Winter Chronicle.

The video shows footage of the Nintendo Switch version, but also demonstrates some improvements coming to all versions of the game on the 13th September, 2022. This includes refined comic-book visuals and improved AI to bring the game closer to expectations.

The status of the Nintendo Switch port had been up in the air for a while after the original developers PlayMagic and publisher Microids parted ways, following the remake's negative reception. In September 2021, we also reported on the game's troubled development for another website, Fanbyte, speaking to former PlayMagic developers about a 'toxic' management culture at the Maltese game developer.

In this article, our sources revealed that the developer wasn't able to use anything from the original except for audio and video files, and argued that the studio hadn't been properly equipped to handle the project. Microids had also apparently discussed with PlayMagic about the possibility of a sequel to XIII if the remake did well, but those plans obviously never manifested.

What do you think of this new trailer? Are you ready to give the remake another chance? Let us know!

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