Impossible Mission
Image: Epyx

On the 25th of February 2022, Icon64, a developer of new Commodore 64 games, announced that it had been approached to make a new Impossible Mission 3 game over on Facebook. And now it seems the development of this new game is finally underway, as outlined in a tweet from the graphic artist on the project Trevor Storey, which was posted on Monday (19th September).

The tweet shows off six colorful new rooms from the game, with some enemies and traps pictured. These include some tank-like contraptions and your bog-standard droids.

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Epyx developed the first Impossible Mission game in 1984, with Novotrade working on a sequel, Impossible Mission II, four years later. Both games had the player exploring the fortress of the evil genius Elvin Atombender, in an attempt to foil his nefarious schemes.

In 1994, a new publisher MicroProse created a remake of the original called Impossible Mission 2025 for Commodore Amiga, which featured updated graphics, audio, and multiple playable characters. Then, in 2007, System 3 updated the original again, for a release on Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo Wii.

In Andrew Fisher's Best Commodore 64 Games Guide for Time Extension, they wrote of the original Impossible Mission:

"The unique look of the game is enhanced by the dynamic animation of the hero, who somersaults across the gaps. Memorably, Impossible Mission talks with clear synthesised speech; Elvin greets you with the phrase “Another visitor” when you start a new game, and the agent screams on each demise. A stone-cold classic that remains playable."

If you want to stay up to date with this new game, we recommend following Icon64 on Facebook or keeping an eye on Storey's Twitter page.

What are your favorite memories of Impossible Mission? Let us know in the comments!