Street Fighter Zero 3 Sega Saturn
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

The Sega Saturn might have had the misfortune of going up against the Sony PlayStation, but that's not to say that the machine didn't find its own audience – and in Japan, it carved out quite a niche thanks to the fact that its hardware was better at hosting 2D games than Sony's was.

As a result, fighting game fans flocked to Saturn; the console's superb controller had a rolling D-pad and six-button layout for the action buttons, both of which made it ideal for Capcom's range of brawlers – and Capcom duly supported the console with a wide range of conversions. Many consider the absolute zenith of this series to be Street Fighter Zero 3, which – on Saturn, at least – never saw release outside of Japan.

Compared to the (still excellent) PlayStation port, the Saturn version is a revelation. The 4MEG RAM cartridge allows for much smoother animation and shorter load times, while the aforementioned controller makes playing the game an absolute dream.

However, the Japan-only release and low print run mean that Street Fighter Zero 3 is now incredibly expensive on the secondary market – and, given the many other ways you can access the game today, it's a purchase that only dedicated fans will want to consider. Even so, it's likely to be the crowing glory of many a Saturn collection, and that box art is just wonderful.