Aphex Twin Mario
Image: Time Extension

Video game mashups can be a mixed bag, but recently while scrolling through the absolute free-for-all that is our YouTube recommendations we came across something quite extraordinary: an artist using the Super Mario 64 sound library to reproduce the music of popular electronic acts.

The channel called on4word was apparently created twelve years ago, but it's only since last year that it has started publishing remixes of Aphex Twin tracks like Xtal, Flim, and 4. And it's not just Aphex Twin they've turned their attention to either, with the musician also recreating Radiohead's Idioteque and Boards of Canada's Olson. You can have a listen to some of these below.

What's so amazing about this channel isn't just these incredible remixes, which take an old piece of music and an old video game and use them to create something new, but the fantastic artwork that the channel's creator puts together for each new video. These tend to straddle the line between 'cursed' and something we genuinely believe belongs in a museum.

What do you make of these remixes? Do you love them as much as we do? Let us know in the comments!