KirbyForgottenLand Key Art
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo of America announced today on Twitter (as spotted by VGC) that it will stream next week's Kirby 30th Anniversary Concert over on YouTube. This will likely be welcome news for video game fans who want to take some time out of their day to listen to some of their favourite music from across the Kirby series.

The anniversary event is taking place at the Tokyo Garden Theatre on Thursday 11th August at 6pm JST (2am PDT/5am EDT/10am BST) and will be exclusively in Japanese. However, international fans can still tune in if they want to listen to the performance, with Nintendo revealing in a follow-up tweet that an archive of the event will be made available at a later undisclosed date.

The event is to celebrate thirty years since the release of Kirby's Dream Land, a title that has produced many sequels and spin-offs over the years. Not least, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which recently became the second best-selling Kirby game behind the Game Boy original. You can find more info about the concert, including who is performing, at the following link.

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