Image: Bethesda

Doom's modding community is a stuff of legends. They've done it all, from creating accurate recreations of the apartment from Seinfeld to explore to transforming the game into an Animal Crossing-Esque life sim. Recently, however, a modder named @GoldenAxeDoom has granted a wish we never even knew we had, letting us train the game's Cacodemons to fight alongside the Doomslayer

GoldenAxeDoom announced the mod, called "FrendoCaco", on his Twitter earlier this week, with a video demonstrating it in action; and we have to be honest, it looks like a total blast.

The video shows the Doomslayer and a Cacodemon locked into a battle before the hero lifts up his hand and pets the creature on the head. A few anime love hearts later, and the demon suddenly turns on its hellish brethren, shooting fireballs in their direction.

If you want to try the mod out for yourself and get your own little Cacodemon, it's currently available for both Doom and Doom II on PC.