Ocean's video game adaptation of the smash-hit '80s movie RoboCop has to rank as one of the finest film-to-game transitions of all time. Ocean famously secured the rights when the project was still at the scripting stage, and the resultant Data East arcade game – upon which Ocean would base its insanely popular home format releases – actually had to be sub-licensed via Ocean because of this. The venture turned out rather well for the UK publisher and developer, and it would trigger a string of licenced titles based on movies.

Since then, however, decent RoboCop games have been surprisingly few and far between. Data East followed up with a side-scrolling brawler for the RoboCop 2 coin-op, while Ocean made its own 2D action platformer based on that movie for home systems, including the NES. RoboCop 3 took the series into the realm of 3D on the Amiga – with impressive results, it has to be said – but the franchise was brought back down to earth with a bump by the time Robo arrived on the GameCube, courtesy of Titus.

However, it looks like we might finally be getting another good RoboCop video game, thanks to the efforts of Teyon, developer of the likeable but rather rough Terminator: Resistance. Set to be published by Nacon next year, RoboCop: Rogue City is a first-person shooter which places you firmly in the metal exoskeleton of officer Alex Murphy – original Robo actor Peter Weller has even lent his likeness to the game.

Sure, it looks a little janky in places – that's something of a running theme with many of Nacon's upcoming titles, we have to admit – but we're such huge fans of the movie that we're willing to give it a little more leeway than we might otherwise. RoboCop: Rogue City is coming to PS5 and Switch.

In related news, Nacon has also announced that its Milan studio is working on an open-world survival game based on the Terminator franchise. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Both movie franchises under the same publisher? Surely a new RoboCop vs. Terminator can't be far behind...

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