Evercade Carts
Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

We've been keeping a keen eye on the Evercade project ever since it was announced, and continue to be impressed with its expanding range of physical carts showcasing many previously hard-to-obtain retro titles.

The two latest carts cover the work of North American publisher Renovation and UK studio Gremlin Graphics. Like previous offerings, these packs include multiple games and represent excellent value for money – perhaps more than is immediately apparent, in fact.

Take the Renovation Collection 1 cart, for example. Sure, it includes the less-than-amazing Mega Drive / Genesis titles Beast Wrestler and Dino Land, but it also boasts El Viento, a title which, in its original Japanese form, is worth a pretty penny these days. Likewise, Gaiares (which is about to get republished on the Mega Drive) sells for many times more than the asking price of this collection. Even the mech action title Final Zone, which is something of a cult classic on Sega's 16-bit system, is well worth a look – and we haven't even mentioned that the pack also features two entries in the Valis series. Oh, and remember Sol Feace, the Wolf Team shmup that was supposed to convince everyone to buy a Mega CD? It's here too, but it's the cartridge version that lacks the animated introduction and CD-quality music.

Gremlin Collection 1 only has half the number of games that the Renovation pack has, but the inclusion of Actua Soccer will be enough to convince many to part with their cash. Like Hardcore 4x4, this is an emulation of a PlayStation title and is, therefore, a lot more impressive than some of the 8 and 16-bit titles seen on previous Evercade carts. Gremlin's famous 2D platformer Zool is also included, which should please Amiga owners everywhere.

The Evercade range has covered the work of Data East, Technos, Namco, Jaleco, Codemasters and more – but which company would you like to see immortalised in an Evercade cart next? Let us know with a comment.

This article was originally published by nintendolife.com on Fri 18th March, 2022.