Polymega – the all-in-one, modular retro gaming platform which will allow you to play your original NES, SNES, Mega Drive, PC Engine, PlayStation and Saturn games on a single system – has added cloud gaming support to its arsenal ahead of its official launch this year.

The creators of the console have already confirmed impressive software support for vintage games and the possibility of an online store to rival the Virtual Console, but this latest piece of news is more forward-thinking; by offering support for "current-gen" cloud gaming services, the Polymega takes one step towards being the only console you need under your TV.

Given the rather tepid response to cloud gaming platforms like Google's Stadia, that might be a rather lofty objective, but by offering such support it does at least mean that Polymega will be capable of much more than just playing old games.

Here's the statement from the team behind the system:

As everyone knows, there’s a ton of ways of playing old games, and there’s also plenty of ways to play new games, too. However, there’s zero products on the market today that are capable of playing both the vast majority of legacy physical games, and cutting edge new games on one system that’s modern, easy to use, and most importantly, legal.

In the near future, mainstream adoption of a new technology called cloud gaming may disrupt the current-gen video game console business. If and when this happens, we think it’s going to create a short window of opportunity for an insurgent new product to seize a big piece of the console video games market. If you’ve paid attention to our interviews and media in the past, you’ve seen us drop hints about this.

We’ve been carefully moving the chess pieces for years to put Polymega into a unique and advantageous position to blur the lines between the past, present, and future of gaming — and this is the last piece of critical information people who are interested in this product should know.

So today, we’re excited to formally announce that Polymega will support current gen game streaming services. Build your ideal playlist with the most advanced and visually intense games on the market today, streamed directly to your Polymega – while also having physical backwards compatibility with thousands of classic CD and cartridge-based games. Play it all through one incredible user experience.

We’ll be showing more of this functionality working on Polymega in the very near future, as well as provide formal announcements around the services we’ll be supporting, and anticipated release date later this Summer.

In the same update, it was also confirmed that while the second wave of beta test units will be mailed out this month, the launch of the final Polymega hardware has been delayed by "around one month" so the online OTA update system can be tested fully. This isn't the first time the Polymega has been hit with a delay; it was originally supposed to arrive in 2019. Are you still waiting patiently for your pre-ordered system? Let us know with a comment.

This article was originally published by nintendolife.com on Mon 1st June, 2020.

[source polymega.com]