Yet another cartridge full of retro-flavoured games has been revealed for the upcoming Evercade handheld system, this time featuring newer titles from an indie developer.

The ‘Mega Cat Studios Collection 1' cartridge contains ten original games from - you guessed it - Mega Cat Studios, an indie developer known for its retro-style releases on PC, modern consoles, and even cartridges for systems like the NES. We've got the full list of titles set to be featured on this cartridge below, which includes one game that's actually available on Switch:

  • Coffee Crisis
  • Log Jammers
  • Tanzer
  • Little Medusa
  • Old Towers
  • Creepy Brawlers
  • Almost Hero
  • Justice Duel
  • Super Painter
  • Multidude

Descriptions for each of these games have been provided on the Evercade website.

Mega Cat Studios

The cartridge will be supplied in a retro-style physical case, and will no doubt fall under the usual pricing of £14.99 / €17.99 / $19.99 when it becomes available. We're still waiting to hear a solid release date for this new system and its games, of course, so we'll make sure to update you when that info arrives.

Until then, feel free to learn more about Evercade by checking out our previous coverage, including a look at the system's other cartridges from the likes of Atari, Namco and more.

This article was originally published by nintendolife.com on Wed 3rd July, 2019.

[source evercade.co.uk]