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R-Type has been one of our firm favourites here at Nintendo Life for decades; we personally can't get enough of the 8-bit PC Engine and Sega Master System ports as well as the 16-bit outings Super R-Type and R-Type III. Given the title's impact on the shooter genre we therefore couldn't resist featuring this stunning piece of animation by Paul "Otaking77077" Johnson for the YouTube channel Mashed.

The segment opens with a player berating Irem's 2D shooter for its "coin-munching" mechanics and old-school visuals (be warned, there's some bad language here) before getting sucked into the game for real.

It's a lavish affair which follows the iconic opening level quite closely, right down to the enemy designs, bonus placement and music. The only liberty taken is the introduction of a second player towards the end - something R-Type never had in its original arcade guise, but was added for the 2009 remake R-Type Dimensions. It's also worth keeping an eye out for some cool cameos at the start.

What we'd give for another R-Type. Sadly, Irem has all but abandoned the video game arena and was last seen focusing its efforts on Pachinko machines. Sigh.

Oh, and this is your second warning that the video contains some naughty words, so don't watch it in the office / at school / round your grandparent's house with the volume turned right up, ok?

This article was originally published by on Thu 19th May, 2016.