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  • EU 11th Aug 2022
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About The Game

“It is good to be a cynic — it is better to be a contented cat — and it is best not to exist at all.”

― H.P. Lovecraft

It’s 1962.

Your name is Wiktor Staszewski, and you’re a son of a researcher exiled to Siberia.

You were waiting for this moment for a long time, the ruins that became your father’s obsession. With your mentor by your side, you’ve set off on an expedition to follow in his footsteps.

Will you finally understand your father's obsession or let it become yours?

Or perhaps you’ll perish on the way, as the tensions increase and conflict tears your expedition team apart?


  • Mystery, on the rocks - Dive into an immersive story centered around an ancient temple in Siberia.
  • Beyond human comprehension - Experience a visual novel in H.P. Lovecraft's style.
  • Indigenously, dear Watson - Uncover an old mystery in Chukchi land.
  • Like a painting - Enjoy beautiful, hand-drawn graphics.
  • No choice but to choose - Make meaningful choices and write your own story.
  • Additional languages: Polish.