Number of Players
1 (Single Player) (6 Player Online)
Release Date

PlayStation Store

  • US 13th Oct 2016, $19.99
  • EU 13th Oct 2016, £14.99
VR Support
PlayStation VR (Required)
Controller Support
Feature Support


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SportsBarVR Screenshot
SportsBarVR Screenshot
SportsBarVR Screenshot

About The Game

Using the new dual PlayStation Move control system for an immersive experience in the amazingly detailed sports bar overflowing with fun and silly physics props. Join up with 6 of your friends to hangout and play some air hockey, throw a few rounds of darts or build an insane dominoes setup using books, chairs and bottles.

Play with friends or offline against the AI, earn experience points and unlock a wide array of collectable hats and fun objects to add a bit of swagger to your VR style. Whether you're a budding Skreeball champion, or its a serious game of pool you're after or just want take part in the time-honoured pastime of throwing empty beer bottles against the wall there is no wrong way to hangout in Sports Bar VR.