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  • US 20th Mar 2007
  • EU 7th Apr 2007
  • JP 15th Mar 2007
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About The Game

Once again a young boy and his female compatriot are washed up on an apparently deserted desert island and must work together to find a way to safety.

The real life undercurrent that was a feature of the original is very much in evidence again here, with the tasks and problems encountered during the game solved by using lifelike methods and thinking. Players can blow into the DS microphone to help start fire and a new cooking mode needs a basic understanding of preparing food to complete.

A new scuba diving section gives players the freedom to search the bottom of shallow seas, all the while keeping an eye on not only the oxygen supply, but also sharks that are lurking nearby! The touch screen use has been massively increased, so now virtually all of the tasks and mini games can all be completed using the D-pad or the touch screen.

Natural disasters have now been included into the gameplay, so earthquakes can reveal new areas and hurricanes can leave a trail of previously hidden items after they’ve passed. These freak weather conditions also affect your characters well being with torrential rain obviously reducing the amount of water lost, but also sapping stamina as it becomes harder to walk.

The characters now have different attributes and therefore have to work together much more than before. The boy can climb higher but the girl can jump further so it is important to match the skills of them both as player’s progress. There is also a downloadable light version of the game in which friends can compete in mini-games against one another.


  • More levels, objects, items and events expand the gameplay
    • Increased main character differences encourage co-operation
  • Enhanced touch-screen controls add to interaction with game
  • Use microphone to communicate with animals and help start fires
  • Encyclopedia is nearly double the size of the previous game