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This might make for an interesting topic. Feel free to discuss music from some of the many titles throughout gaming history.

Mitch Murder does some very good arrangements of classic soundtracks.

I’m not sure whether the posting of YouTube tracks is permitted under fair use, maybe a mod can clarify, but please refrain from posting links to download pirated/copyrighted material.


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Sorry to bump this, but this has always been a favourite of mine.



I've been playing A LOT of the Capcom fighting game collections since grabbing them yesterday and a high point across both of them has got to be the music. There are far too many jams to list here, but if I had to pick a personal favourite out of all the games I've played so far, it'd definitely be Bar Maximum from Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix.

It's both a fantastic earworm to get stuck in your head and perfectly encapsulates the kooky, zany and absolutely bonkers side of SGF, whilst still also showing off the cheerful side at that. I've only played SGF for about half an hour so far but I am in love with what I have played so far and the music and style is a big reason why.

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My girlfriend sent me a text today saying that she watched a meme that featured the Halo Shield sound effect, which immediately made her want to continue playing through the Halo series (She's only played the first two, as part of The Master Chief Collection, in the past two years). It made me think about how fascinating it is that games have so many idiosyncratic sounds and tracks that are able to embed themselves in our minds.

The Super Mario series is obviously one of the most iconic, but even ones that are less well-known can be incredibly memorable. I recently played through Borderlands: Game of the Year edition (Xbox One/Series X) and was instantly transported to 2009 when I first played through it on my own. Every sound, track, and piece of dialogue from that game was instantly familiar, as though I had been playing it non-stop since its release. Definitely a classic.



My favorite game soundtracks of all time are from the Sega CD versions of Ecco The Dolphin 1 and 2. I still listen to them all of these years later, and they just put me in an awesome creative space. I would love to one day say thank you to that composer for writing this incredible music.

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