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Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

With another week under our collective belts, it's high time we spoke about what we're all looking forward to playing this weekend, right?

The past week has seen several notable news items surface in the world of retro gaming. Pink Gorilla, a famous Seattle video game store, was subject to an armed robbery, while the bad news continued with the announcement that Phantasy Star co-creator Rieko Kodama had sadly passed away earlier in the year. In more positive news, we might be getting a collection of Jeff Minter's greatest hits.

Here are some of the features we ran during the past week:

But enough of that! You want to know what we'll be playing this weekend, right?

Damien McFerran, Editorial Director

It's all about the Mega Drive Mini 2 here right now. Having reviewed the unit earlier in the week, I cannot wait to put some time into these Sega classics, especially the Mega CD games and 'bonus' titles that have been kindly included.

Space Harrier on the Mega Drive with proper sprite scaling? What witchcraft is this?! M2 has skills we can only dream of!

Jack Yarwood, Staff Writer

With the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2 arriving through my front door, it’s safe to say I’ll be spending the weekend diving into its impressive library of games. As a lover of the more obscure side of gaming, I can’t wait to check out Devi & Pii, in particular, Takashi Iizuka’s previously unreleased block-breaking game. It’s one that has fascinated me ever since it was announced on one of the Sega Mega Drive livestreams earlier this year.

Gonçalo Lopes, Contributor

This will surely be quite a (mini) Blast Processed weekend since the Mega Drive Mini 2 is here and with it no less than 60 games to mess about. I’m quite excited for the brand-new releases and heard nothing but great things about both Space Harrier versions. Imagine having this version at home back in 1988…

Already deep into Air Force Delta on Dreamcast, confirming my biggest fear: the Dreamcast joypad needed more buttons. It is not ideal to deal with both weapons and acceleration on the ABXY face buttons mid-dogfight and I’ve found myself playing this excellent Area 88 homage with my fingers in a rather unpleasant crane position. Was there any sort of analogue flight stick for the DC, I wonder… and do I even have space at home to have one?

Anyway, looking forward to jump to Air Force Delta III on PS2 probably next week. Last but not least the latest Arcade Archive provided my Switch with Namco’s lovely shmup Ordyne. I played this one tons on the PC Engine but never had played the original arcade release before so I’m fixing that over weekend.

So, what are you playing this weekend? Let us know with a comment below!