The game preservationists over at Hard4Games have just released some newly unearthed footage of Rev Limit — Seta's cancelled racer that was in development from the mid-to-late '90s.

If you grew up reading Nintendo-themed publications in the 90s, you'll no doubt already be somewhat familiar with this game. It was announced as early as Shoshinkai 1996 and was covered extensively in publications like N64 Magazine and IGN, with the game being scheduled to release on the N64 disk drive and Seta's Aleck64 arcade platform.

However, like so many other N64DD games before it, it suffered from countless delays during its development and was eventually switched over from an N64DD disk to a regular cartridge, before being cancelled outright. A prototype of the game surfaced in 2016 after a Japanese YouTuber named RetroGameTV acquired it in a Yahoo Auctions lot, but, as Hard4Games notes, this build (dated 1999) still remains undumped with the owner instead simply posting images and videos to try and satisfy people's curiosity at the time.

The new footage that Hard4Games was able to dig up comes courtesy of a March 1997 issue of MPEG Special — a video game/video magazine from ASCII Media Works. It features roughly a minute of new footage showcasing the game's main menu, vehicle select options, and a standard race, with Japanese narration from Yufuko Someya — a PR person who worked at Seta Corporation in the 90s.

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