Color TV Game Block Kuzushi Perfect Score
Image: @beforemario

Before Nintendo took the world by a storm with the Famicom / NES, it produced a range of 'Color TV Game' systems in Japan, starting with the Color TV-Game 6 and Color TV-Game 15 in 1977.

1979's Color TV Game Block Kuzushi cost ¥13,500 and featured six variants of Atari's Breakout. To promote the system in its homeland, Nintendo held special competitions at retailers, allowing people not only to try out the game but also to have the chance of winning an award based on their performance.

A 'perfect score' award has just sold in Japan, changing hands for ¥98,000 (around $660). According to BeforeMario, this is the first time such an award has appeared on the secondary market.

The auction also included four medals and the original box.