Goemon Plushie
Image: After The Credits/Time Extension

If you've followed this site since the very beginning, you may already know that we're all big Goemon fans over at Team Time Extension.

So when we saw recently that After the Credits had revealed a new limited-edition plushie of the character was hitting its store from the manufacturer ItemLab, we just knew we had to spread the word, in the hopes the news would find its way out to other Goemon fans who are just as in love with the classic Konami series as us.

Standing 11 inches tall, the plush depicts the blue-haired, mystical ninja Goemon with his famous pipe that he has had ever since the series began back in 1986 with the arcade action game Mr. Goemon. According to the item description, it can freely stand on its own and is also made sustainably from recycled materials.

If you feel like pre-ordering one for yourself, you can do so over on After The Credits' website. They are limited to 3000 worldwide and will cost €34.99 plus shipping. The item is scheduled to be released in February 2024.

[source afterthecredits.net, via twitter.com]