Yesterday's Nintendo Direct had a bunch of incredible announcements for retro gamers, but as is typical the Japanese broadcast hid some incredible announcements that we didn't get to see outside of Japan.

Case in point, the developer Onion Games — which is a company formed by individuals who worked on classic titles like Super Mario RPG, Chulip, Rule Of Rose, Little King's Story, & Moon — announced a new, eagerly-anticipated RPG, called Stray Children, which is coming to Nintendo Switch this Winter in Japan (thanks Gematsu for the spot!).

There is no worldwide release date yet, but Onion Games announced on Twitter shortly after the reveal that the game will eventually be localized and published outside of the region.

The game follows a young boy who has been sucked into a TV screen and enters a strange world filled with children. You can watch the trailer above and check out its English website here. More information is apparently on the way, so we'll keep you posted once more details are announced.

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