Thalimar: Land Of Chaos
Image: Saberman RetroNews

The humble first-person dungeon crawler has fallen from favour in recent years, overtaken by more advanced full-3D titles like Skyrim, Diablo and, more recently, Baldur's Gate III.

However, there was a time when this style of game dominated the RPG scene, with the likes of Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Ultima Underworld, Stonekeep and Lands of Lore thrilling players the world over.

Now, an unreleased game from this period has resurfaced thanks to a social media post by the always-excellent Games That Weren't. Thalimar: Land Of Chaos was in development at Insomnia around 1999, and was the brainchild of Paweł 'Zombie' Ząbek.

It was a bold project, with the promise of CD-quality music and amazing visuals, and a demo was released with Amiga Computer Studio magazine which gives an idea of how the game was shaping up.

Sadly, the declining state of the Amiga market slowed progress, and while there were plans to port the game to PC around 2006, this, too, came to nothing.

Thalimar is one of the many promising games from this period of time which remains forever in stasis; while a great deal of work was clearly done on the game, it doesn't look like it will return to production any time soon.

However, GTW's social media post has at least pulled Thalimar back into the spotlight for a short while; you can check out fresh footage of the demo below, thanks to Saberman RetroNews.

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