Image: Damien McFerran / Time Extension

Following his work adapting the Cyberpunk classic 'Decoder' into a Mega Drive/Genesis game, the German Electronic musician Remute (real name Denis Karimani) has announced that he will be releasing his latest album this July exclusively for the Commodore 64 home computer.

'To The Bone' is a 20-track, electronic album that takes advantage of Commodore 64's SID-chip. It will be available on a chip cartridge that is compatible with all revisions of the C64, regardless of whether they are NTSC or PAL, and will also come with a digital .CRT file that you can play in your emulator of choice or on your C64 Mini/Maxi.

You can even pay a little bit extra for a limited edition version, which will include a bonus additional 7" vinyl record which will contain some audio data for one extra track and alternate versions of two existing songs.

Remute is the person responsible for all the music programming on the album, but he is joined on the project by a dream team of coders, including demoscene coder Kabuto and graphic artist Alien, who created the album's player and GUI, and the PCB-board designer Mr. Tentacle.

Remute states on the Bandcamp page for the album:

"I was the kid that stayed in his room while other kids were playing soccer. I was happily surrounded by homecomputers and gameconsoles instead. They made me, educated me, entertained me. Especially one machine is responsible for pretty much my whole mindset - the Commodore C64! Got it when I was five and it was the beginning of my strong friendship with technology and my everlasting technoptimism. The look, the feel, the sound - it blew my mind and still does! It's the homecomputer I programmed and it programmed me...forever."

You can pre-order the album from Bandcamp now (where you can also preview three tracks 'To The Bone', 'Narcissist', and 'Borderliner'). The cartridge/download will cost you €34.99, while the limited edition version with the 7" vinyl will be €44.99 in total. Both are expected to ship on July 7th.

[source remute.bandcamp.com]