Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Image: Capcom

Originally released for the Game Boy Advance in Japan back in 2001, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney has since been ported across multiple generations of consoles, including several Nintendo consoles. However, one machine we never expected ported to was the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was released decades before the game even existed.

Nevertheless, on Twitter, the game developer and romhacker @destroyed4com4t recently caught our attention with a tweet, highlighting the work of two fans named Safyrus and Alas Diablo who are doing exactly that.

The two developers are attempting to create an open-source NES port of the Capcom classic and have been painstakingly converting the original game's sprites to fit the limitations of the 8-bit machine as well as extracting the dialog to format for the older console. From what we've seen so far, the results are surprisingly good, with the character designs and backgrounds being incredibly faithful to their Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS counterparts.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can find the ROM on the project's GitHub page. The developers recommend using Mesen to emulate the game, but as @destroyed4com4t notes, the ROMs also work in other emulators if you change from vertical to either horizontal or 4-way mirroring instead. You can do this using a tool like iNES header checker, which is available to download from

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