X68000 Z
Image: ZUIKI

The Early Access Kit for the X68000 Z Mini has been in the hands of Japanese Kibidango backers (and the odd importer) since the end of March, with another shipment expected to go out this June.

Regardless, though, there's still a lot we don't know about the throwback device, pitched as a tribute to Sharp's 1987 X68000 computer. This includes information about the retail "Black Model" teased on its website and social media, and details on the games being brought to the machine by the Japanese developer ZOOM Inc. (the company behind Phalanx and Lagoon for the original X68000).

As luck would have it, however, it appears that ZUIKI and the Japanese publication 4Gamer have recently announced a new X68000 Z Mini livestream to take place next month on June 8th, at 8pm JST, which will hopefully answer some of these questions (thanks @Gosokkyu!)

The livestream will be available to watch on the 4GamerSP YouTube channel (though it will inevitably be in Japanese). We'll be sure to bring you any updates as they are announced.

[source 4gamer.net, via twitter.com]